My Patreon photography tutorials

Let me start by saying, that you don’t really NEED to follow this Patreon to become a better photographer. In fact, I would argue, that you don’t NEED to follow any. The only thing you truly NEED is mindful practice and improving your vision. That’s the only way. The more hours you put into those activities, the better you’ll become. 

I am not saying don’t study or learn from other photographers. Do! Whenever you get a chance. I have certainly read countless books on the subject. But don’t expect major leaps from a workshop, iconic images from following a light-setup, or a drastic improvement from an expensive piece of equipment. It just doesn’t work like that.

My tutorials are designed with that in mind. I am not going to give you readymade recipes for great images (cause there is no such thing.) I am not going to try to sell you some expensive tool/light/lens/plugin that I happen to have. Instead, I will give you an unfiltered, unglorified window into my creative process and business strategies. My tutorials won’t replace practice. But if you learn from my mistakes (which I do discuss) you might save yourself a few weeks of time or a few thousand in lost income. Or you might find a more effective way of doing something that you deal with every day. Or, you might pick up a lighting trick or two to try and adapt to your style on your next test shoot. I still occasionally post lighting diagrams, post-processing techniques, and photography business tips. But I now predominantly concentrate on screen capture videos where I discuss in depth not just HOW how I made some of my images, but also WHY did I do this or that, the logic behind my creative and technical decisions, the before and after comparisons, etc. 

My videos do not have minute long intros with catchy music or high production value. I am more about the content than the fluff. I am also not sponsored by any fancy equipment manufacturers, so I won’t be pushing the latest something or other on you. Hell, half the time I personally work with cheap speedlights and household flashlights. Photography is not about equipment or lighting diagrams, it’s about vision, and meaning, and hard work, and experimentation, and creative insight, and self-discovery… and not burning out while at it. 

I hope you will join me here -

2019 Travel Plans

Announcing planned destinations for the remainder of 2019:

Dallas (April)
Seattle (May)
Charleston, SC (May)
New York (June)
Los Angeles (July)
Toronto (August)
London (October)
Miami (December)

And of course Atlanta in between those…

Will try to squeeze in something else somewhere there… Maybe New Orleans, Phoenix, Salt Lake City or Las Vegas, and/or Puerto Rico? And I’m open to suggestions :)

Framing shots

Here is a quick one for you. I always carry an old slide holder in my wallet. It really helps with composing the shots, rather than looking through the camera all the time. I use it in my street/landscape photography, and when doing location studies for my portraiture work. You can try to make square with fingers of course, but this works much better for me.

Using Format