Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts?

I offer discounts on multi-shoot bookings - $50 off for each shoot scheduled. 
For example booking three portrait sessions for three siblings would save you $150.

Please note that this only applies if the shoots are scheduled consecutively - one after another. This discount cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts. This discount is also currently only available shoots that take place in the USA.

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Can I book one photoshoot for multiple people?

Yes. The fee is $100 for each additional person.

2 people limit for the 30-min shoot and 4 people limit for 1-hour shoot.

Not available for Commissioned Art Portrait shoots.

It might be self-explanatory, but please note that splitting shoots means each model would receive less images and less of my attention. If you book a 30-min shoot for 2 models for example, each model would spend around 15 min with me and receive 1 retouched image, etc.

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What is your photoshoot rescheduling policy?

Rescheduling more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time is FREE.
Rescheduling less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time carries a fee of 50% of the shoot rate.

Please note that, when travelling, I may or may not be able to accommodate rescheduling request during the same trip. If not, don't worry - your deposit does not disappear - it can be applied to your future booking in any location I travel to. However, please note that my rates change with time and I cannot guarantee that my rates a year from now will be the same as today. For example a 50% deposit today, might become only 40% of the cost of the shoot if rescheduled for a year later. 

Please also note that I reserve studio time and select shoot locations based on the bookings I have. Rescheduling often results not only in a loss of business cost, but also in me having to continue to pay for the unused time of the location/studio rental, which is often very significant. PLEASE RESCHEDULE ONLY IF ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. THANK YOU!

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I have a scheduled shoot with you TODAY, but my child is running a very high fever... There is also a blizzard and it's unsafe to drive. Would you really make me pay 50% to reschedule? Really?

I wouldn't do that to you! I want my clients to be healthy and safe and if some unpredictable weather or similar event (ice storm, blizzard, flood, Godzilla attack, etc) prevents you from getting to the photoshoot safely the shoot can be rescheduled for a different available day, different available city/location, or even temporarily set as an open date shoot for any time in the future. And yes - for FREE :)

The same policy applies to any serious health issues of the model or model's guardian. 

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I have scheduled an outdoors shoot with you (beach shoot, street shoot, etc.) However the weather prevents the shoot from taking place. what can be done in that situation?

Usually I have indoor options available for this type of situations. However if you are not interested in indoor shots, the shoot can be rescheduled for better weather. Although I cannot guarantee that the rescheduling can be made for the same day (week, weekend, trip), the shoot can be rescheduled for some other time in the future - with no expiration date. Please note that the retainer is not refundable, and costs associated with the shoot (say your travel expenses) cannot be reimbursed. It's an unfortunate risk of outdoor shoots. That being said - I will do my very best to make it work someway, and there are no additional rescheduling charges of any sort.

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What if I want more retouched images than what was included in my package?

Additional high resolution retouched images - $100 per image. 

QUANTITY DISCOUNT OFFER: For every 5 additional retouched images ordered you get the 6th free.

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What's the difference between retouched and non-retouched images?

Non-retouched images are the images as  they come straight out of my camera - without being modified in Photoshop or other software. Occasionally I do a quick black and white conversion for the non-retouched proof images just to show the clients what it might look like as the final image.

Retouched images are images that have been modified in Photoshop. I remove minor skin blemishes, adjust contrast, saturation, apply color toning, selective sharpening, etc. In general I do everything to maximize the image's impact. To paraphrase Ansel Adams - non-retouched image is like a music score; while retouched image is the actual music performance.

I typically try keep my images rather natural (not plastic / blurred looking.) I utilize the same retouching methods used by many fashion magazines with the goal of making retouching seamless, which is quite time consuming. On average EACH image takes me around 1-2 hours to retouch and bring to perfection with careful contrast, sharpening, and color adjustments.

Please note that I am very proficient with Photoshop, but not everything can be fixed, removed, etc. If you require additional retouching (body reshaping, background removal, complete skin texture replacement, etc) please consult with me first - it may or may not be done, or may require longer retouching time, billed separately on a case by case basis.

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What are your typical turnaround times?

Web resolution proofs within 2 weeks after the shoot.
Final retouched images within 4 to 6 weeks after you select the images.

Proofs and Final Images are delivered via online file sharing services (Dropbox) Typically I keep the proofs gallery and the final images gallery online for several months after the shoot, however it is recommended that you download the images you wish to keep onto your computer.

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Why does it take so long?

Mostly because I travel a lot (cannot retouch then), shoot a lot (which means I also cannot retouch then), spend a lot of time daily answering emails and performing other non-creative tasks (cannot retouch then either).  I also retouch them myself (as opposed to outsourcing this) and take a lot of time retouching each image - some times as long as 1-2 hours per image. That includes not only skin retouching, but trying out different toning, sharpness corrections, crops, tonal adjustments, etc. I am a perfectionist and perfection takes time.

Don't think of it as simply waiting for images... Think of it as a part of the high-end creative process - your images are being aged for up to 6 weeks... in white oak barrels :)

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I am in a rush and need my images right away. Do you offer expedited processing?

Expedited processing is available most of the time:
Next day proofs - $100
1 week retouching turn around - $25 per image 
24 hour retouching turn around - $100 per image

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Do you deliver image files or do we need to order prints from you separately?

All the retouched images are delivered watermark free as high resolution jpegs WITH print release, and self-promotional (portfolio, personal website, personal social media) license is included. Which means that YOU CAN PRINT THEM ANYWHERE.

If a print shop requests a signed print release – a PDF will be emailed to you as soon as possible (typically the same day). Or you can request one from me ahead of time. 

I can also print the images for you. Please inquire for rates for professional prints of all standard sizes and on a variety of mediums/art papers.

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Can I get ALL the non-retouched images in high resolution with print release?

ALL non-retouched images/proofs in HIGH resolution mailed to you on a flash drive with included PDF print release - $250

Please note that WEB resolution proofs and HIGH resolution retouched final images are included in the rate already. This option is only for those clients that want to receive ALL the proofs in HIGH resolution as well. If ordered, the flash drive is usually mailed once within a few days after all the selected images have been retouched.

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Are you going to post the resulting images on your social media?

Yes, but only if the image meets two important criteria:
1) If the model (or the model's parent/guardian) is okay with that. I do ask the models (or the model's parents/guardians) to sign a model release before posting anything on my social media.
2) If the image meets my current social media agenda. I am proud of all of my images, however my social media is carefully managed and I post specific type of images to promote some particular upcoming travel locations or to showcase some very particular type of images that I am trying to concentrate on. For this reason, if being featured on my social media is very important to you please let me know that in advance AND please let me be the one deciding which image(s) to retouch.

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Can I use the images of my child that you took to advertise my (or somebody else's) business?

Yes, but only if you obtain a commercial image license from me.

Resulting images may be used by you for personal use, personal social media, and model portfolio (including model, or agency website, compcards, etc.)

For any other uses please consult with me first as it may require commercial use license. Commercial licensing rates (product advertising, etc.) for the resulting images are available upon request.

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Can we meet and discuss the details of our photoshoot?

I am always available to answer any questions and can be easily reached via email. However, if the concept requires elaborate shoot preparation, extensive mood-boarding, pre-production meetings, lengthy phone conversations, location scouting, etc, then those services will be billed at $150 an hour. 

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What is your shoot cancellation policy?

Cancellation results in the loss of the retainer deposit. My rescheduling policy is much more lenient :)

I always strive to make my clients happy and will do everything I can to make every shoot as enjoyable and productive as possible, but due to business expenses I carry once the shoot is scheduled (time, lost business, travel, studio/location rental, etc.) retainer deposits and photoshoot fees are non-refundable and digital images are non-returnable.

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I love your work, but I am a ____________ (single mom/dad, retired, unemployed, struggling financially, etc) and cannot afford your rates. Is there anything you can do?

Photography is my passion and if I didn't need to make money in order to support my family I would absolutely shoot people for free. Seriously. However, if I was doing that I would have ended up doing something different for a living and would have had NO time left to photograph anyone at all. 

THAT BEING SAID. I really hate it when good people cannot afford my rates, so occasionally I do things that could help. Sometimes I offer discounts. Some other times I do Open Rate Days - when I spend a whole day doing mini-sessions for people that cannot afford my regular rates and allow them to pay me whatever they can afford. Sometimes I even do Free Editorial Projects or Light/Equipment/Concept Test Shoots for which you or your child model might be a perfect fit. 

If you want to be considered for any of those please sign-up for my newsletter and be sure to add the message informing me of your situation and what you wish to be considered for. You can do that right here:

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