Patreon Tutorials

I’ve added several new tutorials to my Patreon. Including the color toning tutorial, some photography business advice regarding rates and initial communications with the clients, and the creative process of a location study.

Also a new Patreon Tier is up - for $50 a month you get access to all the posts, monthly image critique, and PLUS I will personally retouch, crop, and process one of your images per month. I’d treat it like one of my own images. You will be able to send me your raw file and in a few weeks receive the TIFF file with all the editing layers and embedded Lightroom adjustments and the final high-resolution JPEG for your use. 

To borrow the music analogy from Ansel Adams, you provide the “music” score and I “perform” it in my style. And hopefully you learn something in the process - either the retouching and processing techniques OR simply discover something about your own images / style that you didn’t consider before. The first 10 people to sign up get at this rate. For late comers, the rate will go up and another Late Bird Tier will be created.

It’s an experiment. In music it is not uncommon for a song to be covered by many different artists. But in photography allowing a retoucher to put their spin on an image is almost a taboo. Some photographers are not willing to give up the creative control over post processing whatsoever. But I find it to be an interesting way of going about it - being just “a composer” and allowing someone else’s creativity to create a version of your image. Don’t you want me to make a cover version of your visual “song”? 

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